Monday, December 31, 2018

Welcome to Emily's blog

I want to share what I learned from TTP course in 2013 fall and what I have kept for my classes with co-teachers. Moreover, I want to communicate with my students more through my blog.

Welcome to my blog and have a fun! 

+ After Covid-19, I'm usually using google Classroom & google Meet. Now, I'm working at Dae Yang High School. 

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Classroom Note 1- Reading Master for the 2nd graders

Classroom Note 2- Textbook(Practical English 능률) for the 2nd graders

Classroom Note 3- 방과후수업

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Group Note of TTP 2013 Fall 

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Reading Activities, 'WONDER' - 2018 2nd semester reading project in Jisan High School for 2nd graders

Characters in WONDER

 Crossword Activities after reading the book

'Book Report' students keep writing every week

Date : 2018.   .   .

 Group Reading p.4 p.7 / Personal Reading p.8 p.9
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Monday, March 12, 2018

Stop Motion

Ray Harryhausen saw the movie King Kong at the age of 12, and it inspired him to become a stop motion artist. He was largely self-taught in his early years and received a great deal of encouragement from O'Brien. O'Brien hired Harryhausen as an animator for the movie Mighty Joe Young, the only big stop motion feature on which O'Brien and Harryhausen worked together. Eventually, Harryhausen struck out on his own to become one of the greatest independent stop motion visual effects artists in the history of cinema. Since he worked alone on low-budget films, he often did not have the resources for utilizing the methods of King Kong and Mighty Joe Young, which entailed large sets with glass paintings. In order to work within the tight confines of space and budget, Harryhausen devised a compositing method that revolutionized the art.