Sunday, October 27, 2013

Reflection of the 1st session

  During CALL, I learned lots of new things and they were absolutely interesting and useful for me. I would like to keep using them when I go back my school.

 Quizlet, Wordle and Voki will be useful for my classes and I believe I will be able to give homework by Voice tread and Padlet in interesting ways.

Whenever I found out interesting and useful website, I saved them in Diigo. I think the website would be a treasure space for myself.

 The most useful thing for myself is Google document and Google Drive. Documents are saved automatically, and I can use the Google document as another board like Jeff in my classes.

 When I stay in Sacramento, I will probably use Google Hangout and have a conversation with my daughters watching their faces. To do that, maybe I have to explain about Google Hangout to my husband and mother-in-law in advance.

 As I made my own fun map about my travel route in the past, I could look through the street views where I lived before with my husband over 2 hours. That was really awesome.

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