Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Simple Survey for feedback from my students

3 weeks have passed since the first semester started, but I'm still busy in preparing for classes and making some documents for my tasks in my department.

Anyway, I finished Lesson 1, trying to change the ways of teaching, wanted to know students' opinion, and did small, simple survey above.

The outstanding reactions were...

- the speed of reading and interpreting textbook was too fast.
- at first, couldn't adapt herself to the class in English but now like it.
- want more games and more cultural activities
- more academic reading materials

Even though it is difficult for me as a teacher to make my students 100% satisfied, I want to be a teacher who keeps trying for new things.

+ self- feedback about Celebrity Heads

My students and I played 'celebrity heads' but the numbers of the students were about 31. It was very difficult to manage students and help all of them to participate in the activity.

One more thing, students were using only the verb 'be' to ask questions. It needs for me to teach some possible asking formats, using various verbs.

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