Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Feedback from Students' Presentation of U.S.A. Traveling

  During the second week of June, I had 4 hours of presentation classes and most of the presentation were impressive.

  I set 2 rules and asked my students to keep the rules - have a polite attitude as speakers and listeners and do not read any sentences, using only memos with key words.

  Students made various materials for their presentations with powerpoint or prezi and they were amazing. Also, their speaking was much more fluent than I had expected. So, I feel sad about the reality high school students and English teachers are facing to, in which students should study focusing mostly on reading and grammar. 

  Through this activity, I have learnt that I will try to have more time to do activities with my students and I need to inform specific details about an activity before doing it for students not to be confused about it. Moreover, I shouldn't forget that all the activities need to be related to any English learning points so that students can get something new from the activities. 

These are some materials students made for their presentations.

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