Monday, November 4, 2013

Voki using the movie '방가방가' (recording sounds using Streomix)


For the lesson 5 (A New Challenge in a New Land)

The lesson5 is about foreigners who achieved their goals in Korea. So, before reading the maintext, I want to have a conversation about the opinions towards foreign workers in korea with my students. To motivate the students, I chose the Korean movie, 방가방가 which shows difficulties and discrimication that most Asian workers face in Korea. Then, I recorded the sound of the movie using Streomix and save it in Voki.

+ To record the sound of videoclips

1. Check whether your computer has the program 'streomix' - click the sound button with the right mouse button.

2. Click recording device (녹음장치)

3. Check that the steromix is w on your computer.

4. If then, open 'Audacity' - free software for recording and editing sounds.

5. Record sounds using Audacity and edit them.
  ( to select all the parts you recorded : Ctrl+a / to make sounds louder : Edit -> Amplify)

6. Upload the file to Voki.

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