Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wordle with the article in the textbook

The article is from Lesson 5 in the textbook Theresa Girls' High School is using for the first graders(Chun Jae by Lee Chang Bong).
Can you guess what the writer is talking about?
Actually, I didn't read the article yet. As I guess, the writer tries to convey a message about the education differences in Korea and other countries. I would be right? :-)

The topic of the article is unfortunately about the foreigners who achieved their own goals or dreams in Korea. Students could not guess the topic correctly like I, but Wordle can make them interested in the article before studying it. I think it's a definitely good tool for English teachers.

+ When I put the Wordle on my blog with embed code, the image blurred. I dont' know why. So when wanting to use the image of Wordle, just copy the image with the 'Print Screen' button and use it after cropping it appropriately.

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