Monday, January 20, 2014

Arrival in Sacramento


  The flight departing from Inchon to San Francisco was scheduled to take off at 4 sharp but it was delayed about for 30 minutes because of the snow-removing work. Moreover, I went to Kimpo and took a subway to go to Inchon, carrying my heavy backpack. Even though I was extremely tired because of the situations, I could rarely fall asleep in the flight because I couldn't dispelled my sadness of separating from my daughters. 

 Anyway, I arrived in San Francisco with other 11 trainees smoothly, met Brian Kim who helped us to check in the Quality Inn and went around Arden mall arcade owing to the Holiday, Martin Luther King Jr Day. 

  For lunch, we dropped by Habit Burger and laughed a lot because of Young's English mistake happening, the one everyone can make- when the staff in the restaurant asked Young if she wanted eat cabbage, carrots, or cheese, she just answered nothing because the questions he asked sounded very trivial and troublesome. However, with Claire's help, she could eat a delicious sandwich, full of vegetables.  kkk


  Another funny cultural episode was related with a shower booth in our hotel. Nari and I felt difficult in operating the shower in our room, and we just asked about it to the staff. However, other teachers just took a shower, crouching themselves to the tap or just taking a bath because they couldn't know how to turn on the shower. 

 I look forward to spending time here in Sacramento as a trainee, but I cannot blocking worrisome about my daughters out. I already miss them too much. ㅠ.ㅠ

+ @ Peet's in front of the hotel we are staying

The coffee was good and I though it would be a good idea for me to read a book or keep my diaries here whenever I have a free time in the evening. Unfortunately, this store closes at 6 0'clock -.-, I had to get out of this store quickly, and my plan of taking my time, drinking coffee suddenly disappeared. 


  1. Love the play-by-play details. I guess I should include 'shower operations' to Survival English next semester :)

    1. Thanks for your comment. We all still excited in Sacramento and now we are preparing for the practicum next week in a computer lab. Whenever I have a free time in our hotel, I will post our lives full of chaos here. kkk