Saturday, January 25, 2014

Smoking Accident at a hotel and Kings Basketball Game

   This morning, around 7 a.m., there was a big chaos in the Quality Inn and Suites where I am staying. When I finished a shower, a fire alarm rang out loudly and I went out from my room as I had learned before in the U.K- actually, I had gotten a ticket in Lancaster because I hadn't gone out from a lab even during a fire fighting safety education. kkk As I rushed to the lobby in the hotel with my husband, there was no other trainees. So, I could suppose that there would be a problem in one of the trainees' rooms. 

   After about 5 minutes of loud alarming, two fire engines arrived and firemen ran into the room of Catherine and Julie. In fact, they borrowed a portable heating machine because a heating system in their room was out of order. It seemed that the machine had a short-circuit failure, and made sparks and smoke. 

   Anyway, both of them were O.K. but they went to see a doctor to check their sore throat with my husband. It would have been a big fire if that machine had made the problem while they had been sleeping. 

   After lunch, Young, Claire, and I went around Sac State, drinking Cafe Latte. The weather was awesome and even shaking branches under the blue sky looked beautiful. 

  We found out a spot for a rock climbing nearby a gym and I want to try that once during the final week of this course in Sacramento. 

  Around 5 o'clock, the trainees except Julie and Cathy, who wanted to take a rest, took a huge school bus to see a basket ball game between Kings and Pacers. It looked very strange for me that the school bus didn't have any seat belts for passengers. The bus driver drove through a free way over around 100 km and I was worried about the safeness. 

  Watching the basket ball game was a great fun even for me ,who had never seen a sport game outside, having a hot dog, nachos, and tender chicken with fries, 

  I found out that the team, Pacers' score is the first among 15 teams in the Eastern area in the U.S.A. and Kings' score is the lowest among 15 teams in the Western area in the country. However, the game was nip and tuck and I couldn't take my eyes off the game though Pacers defeated Kings. 

   Tomorrow's schedule is to travel to San Francisco and 17 miles along the West Coast. I hope the trip with other trainees and my husband would be safe as well as joyful. 

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