Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Look back at the past and other trivial things

 While trying to find interesting materials I will show to my students, I searched my portable drive to see the photos taken in California. It was taken only 2 months ago but for me, it seemed that it was more than one year ago. I want to go back to the past. 

- Most of the teachers in the 2nd grade agreed to quit teaching the textbook and teach the students with workbooks written only for the university entrance exam. It was not a good news for me because it is not easy for me to do several activities utilizing the book. I'm not sure that students' English will be improved only when they study with those kinds of books. I think it is not a learning but just a practice to solve questions. 

However, it is true that most high schools don't use their textbooks and teach other workbooks. The situation Korean schools face for students' English goes to a strange way. 

- Students, of course, liked the activity 'correcting the order of comics'. At first, they arranged the order. Then, I let them make a story with the pieces of the paper and do storytelling. The students did much better than what I expected. I know the reason why they did well. "Because they did what they like and want"

- The club ,which 5 of TTP teachers including me organized for the education focused on students' creativity and personality, was passed through Busan School Board's evaluation. kkk 

Our goal is to develop the materials we learned during TTP course taking them out of our notes and using at our classrooms. Our first meeting will be held on the 17th evening!!

- The schedule on which TTP teachers have an open class from May was released and I still have no idea about it. ㅜㅜ 


  1. It's not easy to swim upstream against exam-based curriculum trends, but it's good to see you haven't given up the fight. Glad to hear that the comic activity went well and that the TTP Class of Fall '13 lives on!. I hope the club keep fueling your creative passions. Let me know if I can ever be of any assistance.

    1. Thanks. We can spend some of the club's fund inviting lecturers and learning something new. If you have a special class in your spare time for us, we will appreciate it.

  2. I'm just looking around your blog. Your comments remind me of our happy time in training course and the USA. Hi, up there Jeff, if you have some time, come over to us and give some advice on our project.