Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Warm spring, April

  It's a warm spring and my clothes become lighter. Finishing 5th period with the 2nd graders, I am staying at English Room for a while to have a rest, feeling spring winds through windows. This place makes me comfortable even though there isn't a big difference to the teachers' room. 

  Yesterday, I got an official document from the Busan School Board that teachers having participated in 3+3 or 5+1 course in BUFS should have an open class in May or June. Most of the teachers in TTP got stressful about it and shared our opinion on our band. Some teachers decided to have the same class with the one he or she had in BUFS even though the textbook is different with the one their students are studying. kkk. 

  I am in the same situation and I didn't decide about it yet- whether I prepare for a totally different class or not. However, I chose the date for the open class, 19th Monday in May. I want to invite some professors in BUFS who taught me a lot for 5 months but they can't come because of lots of class schedules, maybe. :-)

 Right before, I had a short discussion time with my students about comics (they are useful or noneducational) for the motivation of Lesson 2. They naturally started to discuss it and some students enjoyed to debate and show their opinions. I was very moved. 

  Teachers can try and make changes among students, but students' positive reactions also give teachers a lot of power and a bigger change them. 

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